2031: A Look into the Future of Immigration Court for Released Illegal Aliens


Screenshot: Public Social Media Image – Bill Melugin on X/@BillMelugin_

An illegal immigrant who crossed the southern border into Texas was reportedly released by ICE and given a check-in appointment date of January 2031.

The notice prompted the woman’s immigration attorney, who claims she’s actually “a legitimate asylum seeker,” to call it one of the most shocking things he’s seen in his three decades practicing in the field.

Fox News reporter Bill Melugin posted an image of the directive advising of a confirmed appointment date with Immigration and Customs Enforcement. The hearing will be held in the New York field office, as selected by the asylum seeker.

Her attorney, Matthew Kolken, states that a court date eight years into the future casts doubt on whether or not his client would ever get to argue in favor of an asylum claim.

“It made me realize the Biden administration is basically providing backdoor amnesty for anyone who wants to show up at the border,” he said.

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Illegal Immigrant Given Court Date In 2031

A “legitimate asylum seeker” not getting a hearing until 2031 is a sure sign that the court system is being overwhelmed and clogged up with illegitimate asylum seekers.

Melugin informed followers on X that Kolken, a two-time “Lawyer of the Year” in the practice of immigration, believes that his client has an “airtight case.”

However, he worries that she’ll never get to prove it “because the system is so backlogged with illegitimate asylum claims.”

This past spring, the independent journalist Tayler Hansen released video and images on social media purportedly showing illegal immigrants opening up packets from the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) which included government-issued smartphones and directives to appear at a court date set many years in the future.

The New York Post reported around that time that illegal immigrants had received “paperwork with designated court dates set as late as 2032 and 2035 in Chicago and Florida.”

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DHS Secretary Who Helped Engineer The Border Crisis Says Securing The Nation Is ‘Violence’

All of this comes as video after video is posted to social media showing the overwhelming scale of the border invasion of America.

Yet, Homeland Security Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas contends that a desire to secure the border is actual “violence.”

Border security, he reasons, is “violence to our fundamental values.”

Mayorkas was referring to constructing barriers, increasing the number of Border Patrol agents, limiting asylum, and narrowing a president’s ability to unilaterally parole illegal immigrants into the country — all commonsense solutions.

Now, apparently, ICE is watching these people illegally enter the country and handing them a piece of paper, a pat on the back, and the hope that somewhere between 8-12 years from now they’ll check themselves back in.

That, Mr. Mayorkas, is “violence to our fundamental values.”

It’s so violent that it borders on treason to allow it to happen to the American people.