Arnold Schwarzenegger Speaks Out on Airport Detention: Calls it an ‘Incompetent Shakedown’

The Hollywood star Arnold Schwarzenegger has finally spoken out after being detained at a German airport for not declaring a luxury watch. Schwarzenegger was on his way to Germany to auction the watch for his eco charity when he was detained for three hours. The former Terminator star eventually agreed to pay the customs duty of $38,000. Schwarzenegger hopes that Germany will focus on improving its economy rather than focusing on tax payments for people’s property they bring into the country.

He was forced to pay $38,000 to customs officials, and after the incident, Schwarzenegger stated that Germany is suffering from a problem and cannot see the forest for the trees. He is now facing criminal tax proceedings, according to NBC News.

Despite all this, Schwarzenegger is still hosting a dinner and charity auction in Austria. He emphasized that everyone needs help and that people should give back to help create a cleaner and healthier future.