ATF Director’s Blunders: Pushing for Gun Control without Understanding Firearms

Opinion Screenshot YouTube: Face the Nation Earlier this month, ATF director Steven Dettelbach appeared on CBS’s Face The Nation with Margaret Brennan to discuss gun violence and gun laws in America. During the segment, Dettelbach showcased what he referred to as a leading expert from ATF to demonstrate threats like “ghost guns.” However, the interview seemed more like an advocacy piece rather than an educational one. Dettelbach and the expert failed to provide solid data or legally sound arguments to support their proposed changes to gun laws and the Second Amendment. In fact, their demonstration highlighted the government’s incompetence in managing guns and gun violence. It was evident that Dettelbach and his expert lacked experience in handling firearms when they struggled to disassemble a Glock slide or confused a drum magazine with a “75-round clip.”
The discussion also touched upon scenarios where gun dealers were urged to flag suspicious purchases based on factors like paying in cash or a woman buying a firearm when accompanied by a man. This raised concerns about privacy and potential bias against lawful firearms purchases. Dettelbach hinted at the need for a national gun registry, despite Congress and the Constitution prohibiting such measures. While he discussed the use of crime gun intelligence to gather evidence from firearms involved in crimes, his explanation seemed basic and did not add much value. Overall, the segment highlighted the need for a more informed approach to gun laws and gun violence.