Biden Administration Allows 5,000 Illegal Immigrants to Enter US Daily

In a briefing on Friday to the Arizona congressional delegation, House and Senate Judiciary committees and the House and Senate Homeland Security committees, Fox is told that Department of Homeland Security officials told lawmakers that there were around 670,000 known “gotaways” at the border last fiscal year. DHS Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas had previously acknowledged that the number was over 600,000.

Lawmakers have also been told there is an average of 5,000 illegal immigrants released each day to non-governmental organizations (NGOs), who provide migrants with assistance and will sometimes help them get to their destinations. …

“Border Patrol agents have encountered migrants from over 150 countries, lawmakers were told,” the report added.

That’s over 1.8 million illegal aliens allowed in every single year – more than the population of Phoenix, Philadelphia, Dallas, and all but the four largest American cities.