Biden Administration’s Excessive Spending on ‘Sue-And-Settle’ Dwarf’s Trump’s Efforts

The content of the article is about the Biden administration spending over $7 million on “sue-and-settle” attorney fees, which is twice as much as the previous Trump administration. “Sue-and-settle” is a method where a private party sues a government agency, but a settlement is reached outside of court. Critics argue that this method allows the Environmental Protection Agency to create policy through settlements without Congressional approval, wasting taxpayer money on litigation. The increased attorney fees under Biden’s administration are consistent with previous administrations, and Republican representatives have requested an investigation into potential abuses of the policy. The article also mentions that the Biden administration has spent almost $500,000 on a single case, and environmental nonprofits using taxpayer money often sue the EPA. The article also points out that Biden’s administration has already spent more on “sue-and-settle” than any other recent president, and the EPA bypasses Congress to create regulations through “sue-and-settle.” Despite the current administration’s efforts to curb litigation spending, the government spent $3.6 million in attorney fees in 2022. The article also hints at the potential continuation of “sue-and-settle” techniques in Biden’s potential second term.