Biden Admits Mistake in Labeling Laken Riley’s Killer as Illegal

In a controversial moment during his State of the Union address, President Biden referred to Laken Riley’s killer as an “illegal,” sparking outrage from the left. Riley, a young nursing student, was tragically murdered allegedly by an illegal immigrant while jogging on campus. The details of the killing are gruesome, yet Biden’s use of the term ‘illegal’ has caused more uproar among Democrats and the media than the fact that an illegal alien was responsible for the crime.

During an interview with MSNBC’s Jonathan Capehart, Biden apologized for using the term ‘illegal’ and instead referred to the murder suspect as an “undocumented person.” This backtrack has left many questioning Biden’s priorities and empathy towards the victims of illegal immigrant violence. Laken Riley’s family expressed disappointment in Biden’s actions, with her mother calling him a disgrace of a president for not even getting her daughter’s name right.

In contrast, former President Trump met with and embraced Laken Riley’s family, promising to demand justice for her. Trump highlighted Biden’s failure to secure the borders and prevent dangerous criminals from entering the country, leading to innocent lives being lost. The call to vote Biden out of office in order to get justice for Laken and other victims of illegal immigrant violence has grown stronger. Biden’s handling of the situation has only reinforced the belief that he is a disgrace to America.