Biden Dons ‘My Ukraine Tie And My Ukraine Pin’ While Urging More Aid for Ukraine

ALX President Joe Biden received criticism for bragging about wearing Ukraine attire during a speech about the $118 billion Senate bill benefiting Ukraine. The bill is meant for border security but instead, it funds foreign nations like Ukraine. Biden touted urgent funding for Ukraine in the bill, including $60.06 billion in additional aid. Previously, Biden said Russia couldn’t win the war, but now he claims Ukraine is in dire straits. Critics are questioning where the taxpayer money is going, especially considering the minimal U.S. border funding compared to foreign countries. Biden’s pandering to Ukraine raised concerns among social media users about his priorities. Additionally, Biden’s Ukraine tie was previously worn during a visit to Kyiv, during which he claimed Ukraine was on its way to victory. Fox Business host, Charles Payne, criticized Biden’s visit to Ukraine as phony. The aid package for Ukraine being presented as a border security bill is dubious.