Biden’s Candid Comments About Trump Stir Media Frenzy: A ‘Sick F***’ in Private

CNN YouTube Video: President Biden has privately referred to ex-President Trump as a “sick f***” according to a new report by Politico. The outlet cited multiple sources saying that Biden used profanity to describe Trump. “The president has described Trump to longtime friends and close aides as a ‘sick f*ck’ who delights in others’ misfortunes,” Politico writes. Biden recently remarked about Trump: “What a f*cking a**hole the guy is.” Social media has had mixed reactions to this news, with some people wanting Biden to use the swear words in public and others criticizing him. Biden’s use of such language has sparked debates over his public persona as a candidate who ran on decency. Some have suggested that these remarks may make him appear more relatable to voters. Biden has faced criticism in the past for using vulgar language, including calling reporters inappropriate names and jeopardizing political opponents. While Trump has also made controversial remarks, Biden’s comments have received less attention in the media.