Big Law’s Leftward Tilt in the Largest Cases

University of Notre Dame law professor Derek Muller conducted a study and found that over 64% of amicus briefs submitted to the U.S. Supreme Court by lawyers at the nation’s largest law firms favored liberal causes. Muller’s study revealed that elite firms have overwhelmingly advanced leftist positions in cases touching on politically controversial topics, such as Roe v. Wade, gender identity, religious freedom, and Second Amendment rights. These high-stakes cases saw elite firms siding with the liberal position 94.9% of the time. Muller suggests that elite lawyers hold views that are opposed to approximately half of all Americans and that they frequently use their influence in positions of power to impose their views on others using the machinery of the law. However, Muller’s study also highlights the power of ideas and the potential for truth to prevail against long odds. Ryan Bangert, senior vice president of strategic initiatives and special counsel to the president for Alliance Defending Freedom, notes that truth, well-spoken and resolutely defended, can still carry the day against even the longest odds.