Bill Burr Goes Off on Jimmy Kimmel and His Anti-Trump Stance on Late Night Show

When comedian Bill Burr went on Jimmy Kimmel’s late night show this week, the last thing the host probably expected was that he would become a target. Burr said “stupid” liberals while looking straight at Kimmel during an interview on Tuesday night. “You want to see a great case thing on narcissism,” Burr observed. “Liberals are so f***ing stupid the way that they handle Trump.” “What do you mean?” Kimmel – who does not like Trump – asked Burr. Burr said Trump is a “one hit wonder,” adding that he’s like the songwriter who wrote the popular 1960s tune “The Twist,” but liberals kept Trump front and center because the indictments give the former president even more media attention. Burr even warned Kimmel, “He’s coming back.” In November, Trump attended an Ultimate Fighting Championship pay-per-view event that Burr attended with his wife. Viewers noticed Burr’s wife flipping off Trump. Burr told Kimmel on Tuesday that both Trump and current President Joe Biden were too old to be running. He said maybe both will die of “natural causes” maybe sooner than later. Kimmel has long had one of the worst cases of Trump derangement syndrome of anyone in the media. Back in October, he slammed Trump by claiming that he was making the Hamas attack on Israel all about himself. “The horrible attack on Israel, much like the attack on Ukraine, would never have happened if I were President—Zero chance!” Trump said at the time, according to Newsweek. What do you think about all of this? Let us know in the comments section.