Bill Engvall Ditches California for Utah Over ‘Insane’ Taxes: A Christian Comedian’s Escape

Celebrities Flock To Conservative States as They Flee From “Unbearable” California

Major celebrities including Bill Engvall, Dean Cain, and Scott Baio have left California in a mass exodus.

Bill Engvall, 66, has decided to leave the Golden State in search of a better life. “I had accomplished everything I wanted to do in the business. And then also economically, I mean, the taxes were just becoming insane,” Engvall stated. “Despite his attachment to California, Engvall decided to move to Utah. “I felt more at home, if that makes sense,” he said of being in Utah.

Engvall is currently promoting his final standup comedy special “Here’s Your Sign, It’s Finally Time – My Last Show,” which is set to premiere next month. He joins a long line of celebrities abandoning California for conservative states. Others include Dean Cain, who moved to Nevada, and Scott Baio, who left for Florida. These prominent figures cite high taxes, strict business regulations, and increasing homelessness as their reasons for leaving.