Blake Shelton and Gwen Stefani’s Delicious Christmas Tradition: A Love Story in Every Bite


During a recent interview, Stefani opened up about the one Christmas tradition that she and Shelton stumbled upon a few years ago that has now become an annual event for them!

“We started off by always trying to find something that wasn’t a tradition — like, let’s try something different, try something new,” Stefani told Entertainment Tonight. “We stumbled across this dish called the Timpano Dome… it’s basically like a lasagna but it’s in this dome formed either with bread or a pasta. We started doing that a few years ago and now that’s the thing, yeah.”

While Timpano Dome is known as an old school Italian dish, Stefani was quick to clarify that her and Shelton’s interpretation of it may not be so traditional.

“Probably some Italians might get mad about this, because typically it would be a pasta wrapped around it, but we started doing a pizza dough because it tastes yummy,” she noted. “Maybe I’ll make the dough myself this year — which would be a lot on Christmas day… But I might actually do it the day before.”

Shelton and Stefani met back in 2014 when they were both coaches on “The Voice,” and they married in July of 2021. Since then, they’ve split their time between Los Angeles and Tishomingo, Oklahoma, where they own a ranch.

“Going to Oklahoma [and] just being introduced to a whole world I didn’t know about — and I’m not really a dirt person or like a bug person or a hot person — but you sort of get over it all,” Stefani told People Magazine.

In the end, Stefani could not be happier enjoying the country life with Shelton.

“We hope that Shelton and Stefani are enjoying a very merry Christmas with their family, and we can’t wait to see how their Timpano Dome came out this year!