Bud Light Joins Forces with Conservative Comedian Shane Gillis Post-Dylan Mulvaney Controversy

Bud Light lost a lot of money last year after partnering with Dylan Mulvaney, a transgender influencer. They are now trying to backpedal by partnering with conservative comedian Shane Gillis, who was fired from “Saturday Night Live” for making racist and homophobic jokes. Shane Gillis announced his partnership with Bud Light on Instagram, prompting The Street to describe the partnership as “shocking.” This is particularly surprising given that Anheuser-Busch InBev’s CEO previously stated that the company intended to avoid making political statements. Bud Light’s sales have dropped significantly, and conservatives boycotted the brand after it partnered with Mulvaney. Gillis discussed this fallout on “The Joe Rogan Experience,” calling it “tough to overcome marketing wise.” Gillis was dropped from “SNL” after jokes surfaced that were deemed offensive. This move shows Bud Light’s desperation to win back conservative consumers. It remains to be seen whether this partnership will pay off for Bud Light in the end.