California Mandates Gender-Neutral Toy Aisle in Stores

My opinion is that the new left-wing laws in California, including one that makes stores have “gender-neutral” toy aisles, will not help the state recover. This law, which aims to empower kids, will do nothing of the sort. Also, the lawmakers’ claim that the average consumer cannot compare products from one aisle to another is absurd. The legislation implies that the average consumer, predominantly parents, cannot compare products from one aisle to another or figure out which toys are for boys. Additionally, the law only applies to bigger stores, suggesting that people who shop at smaller stores are smarter. It is not harmful to market Barbie dolls to girls and G.I. Joe action figures to boys, nor does it reinforce a negative stereotype. Kids will play with whatever they want and find their own personality and interests just fine without too much interference from society or parents. This law illustrates the sheer laziness of lawmakers in California instead of tackling a real crisis that negatively impacts real Californians. Currently, California is grappling with a 9.13% increase in violent crime and three-quarters of California students lack proficiency in every core subject in school. Instead of honing in on these real issues, California lawmakers are doubling down on gender ideology.