California Unveils Groundbreaking Slavery Reparations Package

The lawmakers in California, a state that never had slaves, have introduced a comprehensive slavery reparations package that includes a series of bills aimed at tackling various issues, from criminal justice reforms to housing segregation. Notably, the package does not include any form of direct cash payments for descendants of slavery. Some critics argue that the absence of cash payments is due to financial reasons, as California is currently facing a $68 billion budget deficit. However, proponents of the package emphasize that reparations involve much more than just direct cash payments, and that the primary goal is to repair the legacy of slavery and systemic racism. Despite the controversy surrounding the lack of cash payments, the package does include a provision to restore property taken during raced-based uses of eminent domain to its original owners or provide an effective remedy such as restitution or compensation. Additionally, poll results show that a majority of Americans, including white, Latino, and Asian adults, oppose the idea of cash payments for reparations based on skin color, highlighting the challenges of implementing such legislation.