Candace Cameron Bure Stands Against AI in Family Friendly Films – ‘A Little Scary’


Source: Candace Cameron Bure YouTube

Candace Cameron Bure of “Full House” and “Fuller House” fame won’t use AI on family-friendly films. She refuses to use it on the films she makes, feeling it’s “frightening.” Cameron Bure said using wonderful writers and has no intention of using or touching AI when it comes to film writing and scripts.

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Other Hollywood power players like Nicole Brown, Sam Register, and actress Justine Bateman also resist working with AI. They prefer to work with human beings, and Justine Bateman insists that AI has no place in Hollywood at all, and shouldn’t be using ChatGPT or any … software that’s using AI to write screenplays, using that in place of a writer is not solving a problem. The use of AI in Hollywood played a major role in the Writers Guild of America and SAG-AFTRA going on strike last year. The new Writers Guild of America contract states that raw, AI-generated storylines will not be regarded as “literary material,” as in scripts or storylines that are produced by a screenwriter. This essentially means that human screenwriters will not be competing with AI in the industry.

AI And The 2023 Hollywood Strike

Business Insider reported that the new SAG-AFTRA contract states that “Those looking to reproduce actors’ likenesses with AI must now first obtain their consent, and the stars must be paid for the number of days they would have worked to perform any scenes featuring their digital replicas.” However, some actors are still concerned about how “vague” the consent exemptions are. For example, employers are not required to obtain consent to adjust certain performance parts like “lip and/or other facial or body movement and/or the voice of the performer to a foreign language.” AI has been developing faster than ever as of late, so we can certainly see why someone like Cameron Bure is fearful about using it. What do you think about the use of AI? Let us know in the comments section.