CBS Celebrates Dick Van Dyke’s 98th Birthday With Special Tribute

The celebrity Dick Van Dyke is getting ready to turn 98 on December 13, 2023, and the CBS network is gearing up to honor him with a special special. The special, called “Dick Van Dyke 98 Years of Magic,” will air on CBS at 9pm on December 13, and Van Dyke himself will be the producer alongside his wife Arlene Silver and White Label Productions. The special boasts an impressive lineup of executive producers, including Craig and Clara Plestis, Deena Katz, and showrunner Ashley Edens.

As part of his preparations for this milestone, Van Dyke shared his secrets to aging, crediting “genes” and his “beautiful young wife half my age.” He also stays active by going to the gym three days a week and believes that exercise is the key to staying youthful. Looking ahead, Van Dyke is optimistic about living to 100, following in the footsteps of George Burns. He also encourages others to maintain an optimistic attitude and stay active for a long and healthy life.

The legendary Hollywood star is still amazed by the success of his career, which has spanned nearly 70 years, and he remains a true living legend. An icon of the entertainment industry, Dick Van Dyke is one of a kind, and this special is just one way for the CBS family to reciprocate his decades of dedication and talent to the network.

Wishing Dick Van Dyke a very happy 98th birthday and many more years of health and happiness to come!