Charles Payne Criticizes Biden’s Attitude Toward Trump Supporters, Leaving Jessica Tarlov Speechless on Fox News

Da Real Adogg YouTube Video Fox Business host Charles Payne passionately criticized President Joe Biden’s disdain for half the country in a heated exchange with liberal panelist Jessica Tarlov during Fox News coverage of the New Hampshire Republican Primary. The exchange centered around Biden’s apparent hatred for supporters of Donald Trump and its impact on the nation. Payne argued that Biden’s anger and vitriol towards the “Make America Great Again” (MAGA) movement is far worse than any personal feuds President Trump may have had. Payne mentioned that Trump supporters simply want a safe home and community and a better America, but are being demeaned as racists by the president and the media who echo him. Tarlov attempted to defend Biden by suggesting that when he disparages conservatives, he’s only talking about a small subset of Republicans, the “insurrectionists.” Other panelists joined in, with host Martha MacCallum and Kellyanne Conway questioning Biden’s attacks on MAGA and whether he could call the border a “crisis” while denigrating America. Payne has been known for his eloquent exchanges in the past, as exemplified in his argument with Geraldo Rivera over the visit by President Biden to Ukraine. Payne’s wit and charm make it seem easy, delivering compelling arguments with ease.