Cher’s Emotional Courtroom Breakdown After Devastating Setback: ‘There Were Moments I Wouldn’t Be Alive’

Cher’s request for a temporary conservatorship over her son Elijah Blue Allman has been turned down by a judge in the US. The singer had filed for the order due to Allman’s substance abuse and mental health issues. Cher, 77, became emotional in court over her son’s wellbeing as her attorneys expressed her concerns for his health and safety. Her lawyers told the judge that she only filed the request due to the dire situation she feels Allman has become in. Cher’s attorneys claimed she is more worried about her son’s history of mental illness, despite Allman objecting to the request and claiming he had been receiving treatment for addiction. However, the judge ultimately denied her request, saying there was not “sufficient evidence” to agree to the temporary conservatorship. The judge concluded by saying that Allman “has managed his finances” and “has an apartment,” and “he has remained drug free” after submitting “several drug tests.” Cher’s son, Elijah, immediately celebrated the legal victory over his mother. Allman is thrilled and doing great despite the ongoing legal battle.