CNN Reporters React Strongly to Vivek Ramaswamy Town Hall on Their Own Network

CNN hosted a town hall for GOP Presidential candidate Vivek Ramaswamy this week. The struggling news network invited Mr. Ramaswamy, likely hoping for higher viewership. Despite CNN’s decline, their reporters voiced their displeasure with the decision. Oliver Darcy, CNN’s media reporter, criticized the move in a written piece.

Darcy argued that CNN should not provide a platform for Mr. Ramaswamy, who polls poorly for the GOP nomination. He also mentioned CNN’s declining viewership. In response, a CNN spokesperson defended the town hall by citing Mr. Ramaswamy’s significance as a GOP candidate.

Legacy news outlets like CNN have been criticized for focusing on entertainment and power rather than reporting facts. They are accused of shaping public opinion rather than presenting diverse viewpoints. In the age of social media, citizen journalism has grown in popularity, leading to decreased viewership and readership for legacy news outlets.