Collaboration between Biden Administration and Social Media to Combat Economic Misinformation

Economic Opinion Ethnocentrism via Wikimedia Commons President Joe Biden has reportedly been taking a vicious beating in nearly every poll due to the American opinion that the economy is in despair. This sentiment has left the Biden administration confounded as to why Americans are not grateful for the work that has been done over the past few years. The administration is trying to convince people that the economy is doing well under Bidenomics, but it has not been successful.

The narrative that the Biden administration has created a noteworthy economy has not been well-received by the American people. Instead of trying to understand the people’s grievances, the administration is looking to social media habits for answers. The White House has an office designated to track negative posts about the administration and counteract them. This approach is concerning and borders propaganda.

The argument that young voters don’t understand the economy is not a reasonable one, as people are experiencing the impacts firsthand. The idea that Americans are brainwashed by social media is being refuted, as the reality is that the economy has had a negative impact on people’s lives, regardless of age and political affiliation.

Despite their relentless efforts, the Biden administration needs to acknowledge the financial distress that the American people are feeling. Instead of spreading misinformation, the administration should focus on supporting and sharing trusted sources.