Constitutional Explanation: Anti-Trump Congressman Criticizes Colorado’s Decision to Ban Trump from Ballot

The article discusses how Colorado’s Supreme Court has banned Trump from their 2024 presidential ballot and the controversy surrounding this issue, Former GOP Congressman Justin Amash, not a supporter of Trump, explained why Colorado is wrong in this decision. He believes that the opinion of the Colorado Supreme Court is shameful and runs counter to the constitutional system. Amash believes that the decision was ‘extraconstitutional’ and that no legislative, executive, or judicial body of a state should engage in such decision-making. He also explained why the judgment that Trump violated the 14th amendment does not make him ineligible to run for president. Various social media posts are shared to highlight that several people disagree with the Colorado Supreme Court’s decision. Justin Amash, not a Trump supporter, has argued that it is unlawful, unconstitutional, and a threat to the rule of law.