Controversial Ex-CNN Contributor Mocked for Demanding Next Harvard President Be a Black Woman

Marc Lamont Hill, a professor at the CUNY Graduate Center, is demanding that Harvard’s next President be chosen exclusively on their race and gender. Claudine Gay, the previous president of Harvard, resigned after weeks of controversy about alleged plagiarism and enabling antisemitism on campus. Hill demanded that Gay’s successor be chosen exclusively on demographics, not merit. He insisted that the next president of Harvard University MUST be a Black woman. X social media users took Hill to task for demanding that the next Harvard President be chosen based on skin color and gender. Political commentators known as the Hodge Twins expressed that they should hire somebody qualified to be the president and stop worrying about their skin color or gender. Hill was fired by CNN after calling for the destruction of Israel and inciting violence against Jews in front of a United Nations panel. He defended the use of terrorism and violence by the Palestinian resistance and called for “a free Palestine from the river to the sea.” The phrase “from the river to the sea,” is widely regarded as a mantra calling for the destruction of Israel. Now is the time to support and share the sources you trust.