Controversy in Seattle: Student Receives Failing Grade for Answering “Men Cannot Get Pregnant” on ‘Ethnic Studies’ Quiz

Screenshot: JianHao Tan YouTube Video

A student in a Seattle public school district allegedly was given a failing grade by an “activist” teacher after he indicated on a quiz question that men can’t get pregnant.

It was first reported by conservative talk radio host Jason Rantz, who claims that students in their 10th grade Ethnic Studies World History class were given a true/false quiz titled, “Understanding Gender vs. Sex.”

Rantz provides screenshots of the quiz statements in question marked with a red “X” to indicate that they are incorrect.

The district indicates that the quiz grade will not be used toward the student’s final grade.

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Following the question about whether men or women have a penis, the quiz asks students about pregnancy.

Students at a middle school in Massachusetts over the summer protested against the school’s “Pride Spirit Day” by tearing down decorations and chanting, “My pronouns are USA!”

The quiz was administered in a 10th-grade “ethnic studies” course at Chief Sealth International High School roughly two weeks ago, according to Seattle Public Schools.