Cori Bush, Far-Left Squad Member, Accuses Right-Wing Organizations of DOJ Investigation into Campaign Fund Misuse

The Department of Justice has begun a criminal investigation into allegations that Representative Cori Bush (D-MO) misused federal security funds. As reported by The Political Insider, Bush’s husband, Cortney Merrits, was paid over $100,000 for security services. The probe was disclosed when the DOJ issued a subpoena to the House of Representatives Sergeant at Arms regarding the misspending of federal security money, with Bush being the primary target. Despite her initial refusal to comment on the investigation, Bush eventually admitted to it in a press conference, attributing the investigation to “right-wing organizations.” Bush’s campaign spending and alleged misuse of funds have raised red flags. FEC records revealed that her campaign paid hundreds of thousands of dollars to a private security firm known as Peace Security, a right-wing firm promoting the Second Amendment. Moreover, there are concerns about funneling campaign money to her husband for these services. In a noticeable rant, Bush suggested that criticizing her hypocrisy equates to a desire for her death. Despite being cleared unanimously by the Office of Congressional Ethics for one complaint, the DOJ investigation raises questions about Bush’s campaign spending.