Critics Slam Kathy Hochul for Approving Reparations Study in New York, Claiming it Harms Race Relations without Justification

The New York Post editorial board criticized Governor Kathy Hochul (D) for signing a bill to create a reparations commission in New York State. Hochul went against the advice of her advisers, who warned that it would be divisive. The commission will examine the state’s legacy of slavery and make recommendations on potential payments to address wealth inequality. Reverend Al Sharpton, an advocate for reparations, praised Hochul for her decision, despite the political risks. The New York Post denounced the commission as a “divisive lefty pipe dream” and claimed that it would hurt race relations. They argued that New York has already made efforts to compensate for historical racism through various programs and initiatives. Critics also noted that the state is facing a budget deficit, an ongoing illegal immigrant crisis, and a declining population. In 2019, Representative Burgess Owens (R-UT) slammed Democrats for their role in causing misery for black Americans throughout history, suggesting that they should be responsible for paying reparations. The concept of reparations remains unpopular, with polling showing that most Americans oppose cash payments to make up for slavery.