Crowd Cheers as Trump Mimics Biden’s Stage Fumble


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Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump unveiled his latest impression of Joe Biden much to the delight of this weekend’s crowd at the Conservative Political Action Conference (CPAC).

Trump’s speech on Saturday has been described by lesser media outlets like The Independent as “ominous” and The Guardian as “chilling.”

Which is laughable. They either weren’t in attendance or are willfully ignorant. Perhaps both.

Trump’s speech at the event bounced between pointing out serious facts about the state of the nation to some good-natured entertainment. At times, one felt they were watching a stand-up routine or attending a rock concert rather than sitting on their hands at a political conference.

The former President had the crowd eating out of the palm of his hand.

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Trump Has The Crowd Rolling With New Biden Impression

Trump’s speech was filled with entertaining moments but one of the most well-received was his latest impression of the current President.

“He goes like this,” Trump says before using his mumbling Biden voice. “Thank you, thank you. Where am I?”

Trump then moves off to the side and does his impression of Biden pointing, something he often does for no particular reason after giving speeches.

After pointing a few times, Trump explains that Biden “always ends up going in the opposite direction.”

He then engaged in an impression of a doddering Biden trying to find his way off the stage.

“If there’s a wall behind him he ends up walking into the wall,” Trump joked.

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How’d He Do?

For those wondering just how good Trump’s impression of President Biden is, here are some examples of the point, the wander, the lost look in his eyes.

One X user helpfully provided a side-by-side comparison.

And here is a supercut version from Benny Johnson of President Biden getting lost on stage.

Forbes reported on Trump’s impression of the President and described it as “his mean impression of President Biden trying to get off a stage.”

Couldn’t disagree more. Impersonating an incompetent President isn’t nearly as mean as propping him up on stage for the world to see and then pretending it’s not elder abuse.

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