Cynthia Nixon, ‘Sex & The City’ Actress, Initiates Hunger Strike for Gaza Cease-Fire

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Source: Screenshot ABC News YouTube

Cynthia Nixon has joined a hunger strike led by five lawmakers.

This strike was launched by the lawmakers Madinah Wilson-Anton of Delaware, Zohran Mamdani of New York, Mauree Turner of Oklahoma, Sam Rasoul of Virginia and Abraham Aiyash of Michigan.

“We are here hunger-striking just to mirror to Biden the kind of deprivation that is happening in Gaza and demand a permanent ceasefire,” Nixon said.

Nixon explained that she is the mother of two sons whose grandparents are Holocaust survivors. She shares these two sons with her ex-husband, the actor Danny Mozes, who is Jewish.

“I have been asked by my son to use any voice I have to affirm as loudly as possible that ‘Never again’ means never again for everyone,” she continued.

“In seven weeks, Israel has killed more civilians on a tiny strip of land than was killed in 20 years of war in the entire country of Afghanistan,” Nixon lamented. “I am sick and tired of people explaining away by saying that civilian casualties are a routine toll of war. There is nothing routine about these figures. There is nothing routine about these deaths.’”

“I would like to make a personal plea to a president who has, himself, experienced such devastating personal loss, to connect with that empathy for which he is so well known and to look at the children of Gaza and imagine that they were his children,” Nixon said.

Nixon, who is known for her liberal views, later told the Guardian that Biden is being “way too slow” when it comes to saving Palestinian lives.

“Let’s say there was a terrorist cell in Maryland. Would the response be to then completely bomb the civilian population because they’re hiding in a house somewhere?” she questioned.

“It doesn’t make any sense. We just keep getting this message that Palestinian lives are of less value. Immediately when you substitute British lives or American lives or any other nationality, you immediately see that’s crazy, how could we ever?” Nixon continued.

Nixon previously tried and failed to run for governor of New York. It remains to be seen if Biden will take notice of her hunger strike at all.