Democratic Leaders Fetterman, Adams, and Hobbs Criticize Biden’s Handling of Illegal Immigration

Several prominent Democrats have criticized President Joe Biden over his failed immigration policies, indicating a trend. The President’s approval rating has dropped immensely, with 33% of voters approving. The firm Piew Research Center’s report showed significant dissatisfaction with Biden’s handling of immigration policy. Some Democrats appear to be waking up to the issues illegal immigration poses for their constituents, prompting criticism of Biden on the matter. This criticism extends across prominent democratic figures such as Senator John Fetterman, Governor Katie Hobbs, Mayor Eric Adams, and Senator Mark Kelly. The renewed scrutiny of the president comes as Mexican officials seized 10 IEDs near Tucson, AZ. Border patrol agents have been alerted to the danger of approaching subjects with potential explosive devices. With daily border crossings reaching over 10,000, stakeholders should support and share trustworthy news sources.