Disturbing Footage: Illegal Immigrants Attack NYPD Officers and Walk Free Without Bail

A group of illegal immigrants were seen attacking two NYPD officers outside a migrant shelter in Times Square, New York City. The incident occurred when the officers attempted to advise the illegal aliens to move along. They then appear to attempt to subdue one of the individuals.

As the officers attempted to make an arrest, the suspects reportedly kicked and punched them in the head and body. The attack was captured on video and then shared on social media. Four suspects were arrested a little while later and identified as aging in the range from 19 to 24.

A security guard nearby told the New York Daily News, “They were kicking and punching one of the cops.They mobbed [the cops]. It was wild.”

The New York Daily News report seems more concerned about how this assault by illegal immigrants is going to reflect on the debate regarding the border crisis. The incident, they fret, is “likely to raise the temperature of the already heated debate surrounding the migrant crisis, in which more than 100,000 migrants came to the city last year.”

A statement from Manhattan District Attorney Alvin Bragg’s office explains the illegal immigrants may have been released due to a lack of information on them at the time of the arrest. “We now have additional video surveillance that was not available at the time of arraignment and are continuing to speak to witnesses in order to determine the specific role of each defendant,” the statement reads, according to Fox News.

In another shocking video to emerge Tuesday, two illegal immigrants driving a van unlicensed and uninsured almost took out a little girl and a bus full of schoolchildren in upstate New York.

Meanwhile, the New York City Council has maintained its focus on reining in the NYPD, not illegal immigrants who haven’t met a law they’re seemingly unwilling to break. While these illegal aliens remain on the streets undocumented and out on bail, police officers in New York City will be forced to document every single interaction they have with the public. Mayor Eric Adams’ veto of the bill was rejected by the far leftwing Council in a 42-9 vote.