DOJ Urges Supreme Court to Permit Border Patrol to Remove Texas Razor Wire

The state of Texas has introduced NEW powers for the police and anti-personnel devices like razorwire to prevent illegal immigration.

The Joe Biden administration is trying to take the razor wire down, giving new surprises over the US-Mexico border situation.

“The federal government won’t help with the border and now the Biden White House wants to prevent Texas from helping themselves,” writes Political Insider. Texas previously sued the Biden administration over plans to remove razor wire.

The move of Texas to install razor wire came after record migrant encounters last December. Now, the Biden DOJ is asking the Supreme Court for temporary relief to remove the fence at the federal government’s discretion. At the same time, Texas’s border security efforts are being disrupted due to the destruction of parts of more than 29 miles of wire set up to stop illegal crossings.

Fox News reports that the Biden administration was blocked by the Fifth Circuit Court of Appeals from “damaging, destroying, or otherwise interfering with Texas’s [concertina wire] fence in the vicinity of Eagle Pass, Texas” unless it is for a medical emergency. The state accused the government of illegally destroying property owned by the state, but also harming efforts to secure the border. The DOJ filed an application with the Supreme Court after the Fifth Circuit Court of Appeals blocked the administration last month.

President Biden’s approach to border security has been a matter of contention. The situation at the US-Mexico border has been worsening with record numbers of illegal border crossings. The federal government’s open fight with Texas adds to the stress being faced at the border.

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