Donald Trump Jr. Breaks Down His Non-Political Passion for Hunting and Outdoor Life with Magazine Venture

Donald Trump Jr. has launched his own hunting and outdoor magazine called Field Ethos, describing it as ” probably one of the least political things I do.” Trump Jr. was first introduced to the great outdoors by his maternal grandfather Milos Zelnicek, who would take his New Yorker grandson on camping trips in then-communist Czechoslovakia. Field Ethos co-founder and CEO Jason Vincent explained that the target demographic for the magazine is men between the ages of 25 and 55, though a quarter or more of the audience is female. The extreme right is not our brand,” Vincent said. “We see ourselves as speaking to a sophisticated audience that is smart enough to not find themselves at the extreme of either side.” In the end, Trump Jr. has a clear goal in launching Field Ethos. Given how crazy this year is likely to be for the Trump family, we’re glad to see that Trump Jr. has a passion project that will allow him to escape.