Dr. Phil Sounds Alarm on ‘Escalating Crisis’ at Border: ‘Funding Child Trafficking Through Our Taxes’

Dr. Phil McGraw, a well-known talk show host, recently spoke out about the “out of control” Southern border on YouTube and NBC News. He warned that the situation is so dire that “we’re paying to sell children into sex slavery.” McGraw shared a video conversation he had with Brandon Judd, the president of the National Border Patrol Council, where Judd explained the lack of rapid DNA testing kits due to the influx of illegal aliens. This, according to McGraw, could lead to minors being trafficked.

McGraw criticized President Joe Biden for not enforcing immigration laws and accused the administration of allowing people to enter the country with the help of organizations like the Red Cross. He praised Texas for its law enforcement efforts at the border and criticized Customs and Border Protection for being less effective.

During a recent visit to the border, McGraw slammed both Biden and Vice President Kamala Harris for the border crisis. He highlighted the alarming amount of fentanyl seized by Texas law enforcement and the influx of illegal immigrants crossing the border. Despite the lack of attention from most celebrities, McGraw continues to use his platform to shed light on the crisis.

It’s essential to support and share trusted sources like Dr. Phil to bring awareness to the ongoing issues at the Southern border.