Elon Musk Schools Don Lemon on Illegal Immigration, Calls Him ‘Dumber Than a Doorstop’

Screenshots: Benny Johnson

The interview that led Elon Musk to drop Don Lemon’s show from the X platform has surfaced. It doesn’t reflect kindly on the former CNN host.

Lemon’s show was set to premiere on X this week, but the arrangement fell apart based on the interview as well as a host of reportedly ridiculous demands made by the left-wing journalist.

Lemon had indicated he hoped to engage in honest debate with his new show.

Some of these clips show that even when there was debate, Lemon seemed uninterested in honesty and incapable of actually debating.

In one exchange Musk has to explain to Lemon how illegal immigrants help sway elections by being counted in the census, adding congressional seats based on those numbers in blue, sanctuary areas, and affecting the total number of lawmakers elected to the benefit of one party.

“My understanding is that Democrats would lose approximately 20 seats in the House if illegals were not counted in the census, and that’s also 20 less electoral votes for President,” the X CEO explains. “So illegals absolutely do affect who controls the House and who controls the presidency.”

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Elon Musk Schools Don Lemon

One thing is certain – the exchanges between Don Lemon and Elon Musk are heated and contentious. But much in the same way that a hammer and a nail have a heated and contentious exchange.

Musk is the hammer. Lemon, the nail, intellectually.

When the one-time CNN host then attempted to race-bait, an effort as predictable as the sun rising in the east, Musk immediately shot him down. Lemon contends that America was founded on racism and slavery, something he believes continues to the modern day.

Musk would have none of it.

“If you study history broadly, everyone was a slave. We are all descended from slaves, all of us. It’s just a question of when. Was it more recent or less recent?” Musk fired back. “What future do we want? Is this something we want to make a constant part of our dialogue forever? Or do we want to move on and treat everyone as an individual?”

Most Americans want to move forward.

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Dumber Than A …

In another remarkable exchange, Must tries to explain why the concept of DEI (diversity, equity, and inclusion) is a dangerous one for certain businesses. Particularly the medical field.

“Do you believe that people are dying because medical standards, DEI is causing medical standards to be lowered? Do you actually believe people are dying because of that?” Lemon asks.

Musk tried to explain his position through hypotheticals and Lemon just wasn’t connecting the dots.

“I said if we lower standards, people will die,” Musk insists.

“I’m very basically saying that if we lower standards for what it takes to become a board-certified surgeon, or, you know, oncologist or something where the kind of disease we’re talking about, if you make a mistake, causes someone to die, then more people will die than if we don’t lower the standards,” he added.

Lemon was befuddled.

Musk also had to explain how X, when it was known as Twitter, actively censored certain viewpoints, an undeniable fact. Again, Lemon couldn’t get the elevator in his head to go to the top floor.

Musk would later comment on that clip by calling Lemon “seriously dumber than a doorstop.”

Still, the X CEO says Lemon can continue to broadcast his show on the X platform, just that he will no longer have a business deal to do so. Lemon can still collect advertising revenue and will not be censored for his views.

A new concept under Musk’s leadership.

In fact, Lemon did upload the video to his own X account.

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