Exclusive Poll Results: Over 80% of Americans Express Concern Over Political Violence

Poll: Majority of Americans Fear Political Violence

A recent poll shows that a vast majority of Americans are worried about the possibility of political violence in the near future, with fears stemming from the events of January 6, 2021. According to the poll, 85% of Americans have some degree of concern about political violence, while two-thirds are concerned that the events of January 6th could happen again.

It’s worth noting that the poll was conducted by a Democrat firm and the wording of the questions may have influenced the results. The responses to questions about concerns over political violence were split, with one-third of Americans expressing “very concerned,” “somewhat concerned,” and “not at all concerned.”

Democrats were found to be slightly more worried about the threat of political violence compared to Republicans. The poll also revealed that Democrats are more likely to associate terms like “January 6,” “Trump,” and “white supremacy” with political violence, while Republicans mentioned terms like “fighting,” “riots,” and “Democrats.”

Ultimately, perceptions about the potential causes of political violence are heavily influenced by partisan lines. Whether or not political violence will occur during the 2024 election cycle remains uncertain, but historical episodes like the Civil War and Civil Rights eras serve as a reminder that it can happen, bringing significant upheaval to American society.