Exclusive: Ukrainian Special Forces Officer Linked to Nord Stream 2 Pipeline Bombing, Report Reveals

Ukraine has recently seen an increase in media coverage amid Israeli war against Hamas. The headlines have been predominantly negative for the nation, with various allegations of corruption, lack of support from the U.S., and claims that the White House is working towards peace. Another headline that has put Ukraine in a negative light is that a senior Ukrainian military official may have been involved in the bombing of the Nord Stream pipeline. While Colonel Roman Chervinsky is accused of coordinating the attack, a more senior Ukrainian official is said to be the mastermind behind the operation. This news has raised questions about whether President Zelensky, already criticized for his leadership, was involved in the bombing. People also suspect that the U.S. government might have played a part in the operation. The truth behind the bombing may never come out, but many people have doubts about the involvement of Ukraine and the U.S.