Expert Warns Footage of Chris Young’s Arrest Could Challenge Police Account

The county music star Chris Young was arrested on Monday night and charged with assaulting an officer, resisting arrest and disorderly conduct. Now, however, surveillance footage of the incident has been released that “could undermine” the police version of events, according to a legal expert.

Young, 38, was arrested on Monday night after an altercation with Alcoholic Beverage Commission agents who were completing a compliance check at about 8:30 p.m. at Tin Roof on Demonbreun Street, where Young was sitting at the bar. After the agents checked his identification, Young followed them and started asking questions as he recorded them.

The agents claimed that Young eventually put his hand out to stop them from leaving and “struck” one of them in the shoulder. This led to the agents pushing Young even harder, causing him to fall into a chair and onto the ground. It took two agents to physically detain Young and bring him into custody.

“The fact that the officer seemingly said … in his affidavit that he was struck like … that’s not what appears to have happened,” Devin McRae, partner at Early Sullivan Wright Gizer & McRae LLP, told Fox News. “So, that could undermine the entirety of his affidavit, not just about that detail, but everything else around it.” “It’s essentially your best evidence of what occurred, rather than somebody trying to testify to what occurred based on their recollection,” he added. “So, the jury gets to see what actually occurred.

Young’s Attorney Sounds Off

Bill Ramsey, the attorney representing Young, still feels that the footage will exonerate his client.

“What happened to my client Chris Young at a bar in Nashville on Monday night was wrong and he never should have been arrested and charged in the first place,” Ramsey said. “In light of the video evidence, Tennessee ABC needs to drop the charges and apologize for the physical, emotional and professional harm done towards my client.”

Young became a household name after winning the singing competition “Nashville Star” in 2006, and his first single, “Drinkin’ Me Lonely,” became a number 1 hit. He has released eight studio albums, and his next one entitled “Young Love & Saturday Nights” is set to drop on March 22.

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