Fact-Check: Did Biden Really Create 800,000 Jobs?


“President Biden’s claim that his administration “created” close to 800,000 jobs in the manufacturing sector was slapped with a Community Notes fact check on X.”Previously known as Twitter. Biden wrote on Tuesday morning,”We’ve created close to 800,000 manufacturing jobs since I’ve taken office.” The Community Notes fact check explained that the number had been rounded up significantly from 764,000 manufacturing jobs to start. It s more accurate to say 589k manufacturing jobs were recovered and 175k created. Community Notes at the time countered,”It is misleading to count people returning to work, after the pandemic, as new jobs.”The Political Insider has consistently reminded readers that the “jobs created” spin that is coming from the Biden administration is an inaccurate take on reality. Former President Donald Trump published his platform for bringing jobs back to the manufacturing sector through an America First Trade Policy. The plan includes higher tariffs on foreign products and an effort to reclaim economic independence from China.