Former Facebook Diversity Executive Admits to Embezzling $4 Million for Lavish Lifestyle

DEI – or Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion – has become a major corporate trend. Many corporations have spent heavily on training and programs in this area. Now, Facebook’s former “diversity chief” has pleaded guilty in a large fraud case.

Barbara Furlow-Smiles, a diversity executive at Facebook from 2017 to 2021, was found to have stolen more than $4 million from the company. She was “motivated by greed”, according to US prosecutors, and used the money to fund a lavish lifestyle. Furlow-Smiles has been reported to have used the company’s money to finance personal items and services such as portraits, tutors, and an array of other personal expenses.

Even when caught, her behavior only underscores the fraudulent nature of DEI initiatives. She used slogans and propaganda to take money from those who believed in the cause.

The impact of her actions will reverberate, leading many to reconsider their beliefs about the value and legitimacy of DEI initiatives and underscores the false and exploitative nature of such endeavors.