Fox News Host Brian Kilmeade Surprised by Poll Predicting Trump and Haley Would Beat Biden Easily

Unexpected Poll Shows Trump Trounces Biden, And The Numbers Are Stunning

A surprise poll courtesy of the Wall Street Journal has the potential to set the political world on its ear.

Fox News’ morning team was caught a little off guard when co-host Brian Kilmeade blurted out “this is stunning” after seeing the new presidential poll numbers. According to the numbers, the 2024 Presidential Elections could see Republican frontrunner Donald Trump handily beating the incumbent President Joe Biden.

“A gigantic win,” said Kilmeade.

But that wasn’t the extent of the bad news in store for Team Biden.

Despite being a hypothetical match, the poll showed Republican challenger Nikki Haley with an almost unbelievable lead over Biden.

The Daily Caller reports Kilmeade’s reaction to the poll. “This is stunning,” he said. “This is a gigantic win, Trump wins by 4%, which is impressive considering the amount of court cases… but how unbelievable is it? I don’t remember a time in which somebody trailing in the primary by 40 points in most elections, about 20 in Iowa, a little bit less in New Hampshire, even trailing in her home state of South Carolina, but head to head against the current president is up by 17 points!”

While the Wall Street Journal poll did show Haley beating Biden even more handily than Trump, the former president is so far ahead of every other GOP presidential primary candidate that it’s hard to imagine any of them catching up.

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“There is no precedent for anyone coming back from that large of a deficit nationally right now,” said CNN’s senior data reporter Harry Enten. “You see Nikki Haley … she was 52 points behind in the latest NBC News poll. She’s cut the deficit but she’s still down by 45 points.”

That’s because there is no modern precedent for a Republican like Trump. He is enormously popular among Republican voters because they feel that, after long having been neglected, someone is finally listening to them.

The news of these poll numbers comes at a crucial time as both parties start to ramp up for the 2024 presidential campaign.