“Frasier Revival Inspired by Tim Allen and Roseanne Barr,” Says Kelsey Grammer


The legendary actor Kelsey Grammer, who has long been one of the only openly Christian stars in Hollywood, is crediting Roseanne Barr and Tim Allen with inspiring him to reboot his iconic sitcom “Frasier.”

Grammer originated the character of Dr. Frasier Crane on “Cheers” from 1984 until 1993, and he then reprised the character on the sitcom “Frasier” from 1993 until 2004. Nearly two decades later, Grammer rebooted “Frasier,” and it premiered back in October.

“I wanted to prove to myself and to other people, of course, that Frasier was still interesting and still watchable and still funny,” Grammer told Fox News. “Those were important parts of it. But also, I thought there were more stories to tell about this character because there’s more stories to tell in our own lives.”

Grammer then brought up Allen as a source of inspiration for this revival.

“And I would lavish Tim in praise,” he added. “I would. I think he’s just a magnificent character and person and performer and comedian.”

Grammer also credited Barr, who brought back her legendary sitcom in 2018, with inspiring him to do this reboot.

“You will never be a real member of this wine club. You have no wit, you have no training, you have no savoir faire. You, sir, are a churl,” he tweeted.

Grammer ultimately decided to team up with showrunners Joe Cristalli and Chris Harris to reboot “Frasier.”

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