Generation Z Criticized by Kid Rock for Being “Complete P*ssies”

The popular singer Kid Rock has long been one of the only openly conservative figures in the entertainment world, sat down with the former Fox News host Tucker Carlson this week to speak out against cancel culture and Generation Z, saying that “we’re raising a generation of complete f**king p*ssies.” Kid Rock doubled down on Tuesday while appearing on the first episode of “The Tucker Carlson Encounter,” explaining that efforts to take him down have only made him more popular. He went on to blame this cultural shift on the sensitivity of Generation Z, which is defined by Beresford Research as being made up of those born between 1997 and 2012.
This comes one year after Kid Rock told Carlson in a separate interview that he can’t be cancelled. Kid Rock is also one of the only celebrities who has been unafraid to stand by the former President Donald Trump. He went on to praise Trump for saying “what’s on his mind,” adding that “if you look at [Trump’s] track record and who he is as a whole, there’s a lot more good there than anything.”