Glenn Greenwald Ridicules CNN Reporter’s ‘Exclusive’ Report on Liz Cheney’s Book

Life Opinion

CNN on Tuesday ran an “exclusive” report involving excerpts from Liz Cheney’s new book that they “obtained” on Tuesday, prompting mockery from Pulitzer Prize-winning journalist Glenn Greenwald.

Greenwald suggested that Cheney, a frequent guest of CNN since becoming a media darling through her rabid opposition to former President Donald Trump, likely just gave them the book to read in advance.

“Congrats on this unbelievable, groundbreaking scoop and the dangers and risks you had to face to obtain it,” he quipped.

Added Greenwald, “He thinks he’s going to win a Pulitzer, or become some brave journalistic icon, for agreeing to do PR work for Liz Cheney and her publisher.”

Aside from the general tenor of the book being that of “Trump is bad” and “Republicans who support him hate democracy” – basically Liz Cheney’s entire platform since January 6th – CNN offers very little in the way of ‘groundbreaking’ news.

The media and Democrats have engaged in an unceasing effort to portray Trump as a traitor to the country and the juiciest tidbit, the lead “notable detail” from CNN’s reporter, is that he was hungry.

“CNN is acting like they got a great scoop because Liz Cheney gave them her new anti-GOP book,” Greenwald commented. “She chose CNN because she knows it’s dumb liberals who will buy this.”

Another big scoop from the CNN report in Liz Cheney’s book is a comment from a House Republican who allegedly referred to Trump as “orange Jesus.”

Cheney’s book is titled “Oath and Honor,” one which she broke, the other she lost.

Cheney recently accused Trump of using “Nazi propaganda” by calling criminals crossing the border illegally “vermin.”

Cheney’s perpetual infatuation with the former President led to a crushing defeat in the midterms when she lost by over 37 points to Representative Harriet Hageman (R-WY).

Trump spokesman Steven Cheung told CNN that Cheney’s book belonged “in the fiction section of the bookstore.”