GOP Scandal: Recording Emerges of Attempted Bribery to Persuade Kari Lake Against Senate Run

Kari Lake, a Senate candidate, has asked Jeff DeWit, the Arizona Republican Party Chair, to step down after an audio recording was released. It is alleged that the audio captures DeWit attempting to bribe Lake into staying out of politics for two years. Lake expressed her belief that DeWit should resign, as the people are fed up with corruption and want their country and government back. She emphasized that someone who is corrupt and compromised should not be running the Republican party. In the audio, DeWit suggests that Lake could get lucrative no-show jobs in exchange for not running for the Senate seat. However, Lake firmly refused, stating that it’s not about money but about the country. She suggested that DeWit reveal the corruption within the party by going public with the bribery attempt. If DeWit is forced to resign, he should consider naming the powerful people who sent him to bribe Lake. Maricopa County Republican Committee Chairman Craig Berland also called for DeWit’s resignation. The released audio has shocked many people and has led to calls for DeWit to resign.