GOP’s Warning: Remove Biden from State Presidential Ballots or Face Retaliation

The article discusses the recent decision by the Colorado Supreme Court to remove Donald Trump from the state’s ballots, an action that is described as a naked attempt to prevent his election. The ruling has received widespread criticism, with arguments that the court’s decision is illegal and unconstitutional. It is suggested that the Supreme Court needs to overturn the ruling.

The article also criticizes Republicans for their lack of action in response to these attempts to keep Trump out of the White House. Republican officials are accused of making jokes and idle threats rather than taking real action to combat the efforts by Democrats to prevent Trump’s election.

The article highlights comments from Texas Lt. Governor Dan Patrick and Florida Governor Ron DeSantis, who sarcastically suggest that Biden should be removed from the ballot for allowing illegal immigration into the country. However, these comments are dismissed as jokes, with the article arguing that Republicans are not serious about taking action.

Overall, the article suggests that while Democrats take active steps to keep Trump out of the White House, Republicans are only talk and not willing to take real action. The result, the article claims, is that America loses in the end.