Granger Smith’s Journey: From Country Music Star to Ministry Pursuits

The country music star Granger Smith announced his decision to abandon his music career to pursue Christian ministry last year. He is now opening up about the transition and the impact it has had on him. Smith, who is now 44, spoke with Fox News about the “massive ego hit” he experienced from giving up his music career. He recounted the feeling of being worshiped and admired by thousands of fans, and the difficulty of letting that go. His final tour, named “Like A River” in memory of his late son, River, who passed away in 2019, marked the end of his musical career. Smith and his wife Amber have three other children together. In another interview, Smith revealed that the “real reason” he left country music was his desire to share the message of Jesus Christ, calling it the “treasure of his life.” He expressed his hope to proclaim the name of Christ and to know Him more. Acknowledging the sacrifice of leaving his music career, Smith emphasized the importance of spending time with his family and pursuing his ministry work. He hopes to find peace and fulfillment in his new role and has asked for prayers as he embarks on this transition.