Healing from the Heartbreak: Angelina Jolie’s Unexpected Revelation About Her Split from Brad Pitt


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Jolie Discusses Divorce

Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt had one of the most bitter celebrity divorces ever in a battle that went on for many years after she filed in September of 2016. Now, Jolie is opening up about this divorce, revealing that she had Bell’s palsy in the lead up to the split. “My body reacts very strongly to stress,” she explained, according to The Messenger. “My blood sugar goes up and down. I suddenly had Bell’s palsy six months before my divorce.”

Bell’s palsy is described as “the sudden weakness in the muscles on one half of the face that appears as partial paralysis.” “We had to heal,” Jolie stated. “There are things we needed to heal from.”

In the years since her divorce, Jolie has devoted much of her time to her six children, saying that she “doesn’t really have a social life.” “They are the closest people to me and my life, and they’re my close friends,” she said of her kids, according to Harper’s Bazaar. “We’re seven very different people, which is our strength.”

Jolie’s ‘Closest Friends Are Refugees’

Outside of her family, Jolie said,  “I realized my closest friends are refugees. Maybe four out of six of the women that I am close to are from war and conflict.” “There’s a reason people who have been through hardship are also much more honest and much more connected, and I am more relaxed with them,” Jolie added. “We had to heal.”

Jolie And Pitt’s Divorce Battle

Daily Mail reported that Jolie went on to say that because she “grew up around Hollywood,” she was “never very impressed” with it. “I never bought into it as significant or important,” Jolie explained. Jolie and Pitt’s divorce took an explosive turn back in 2016 after she claimed that he “choked” one of their children during an altercation on a private plane and then “struck” another.

“Brad has accepted responsibility for what he did but will not for things he didn’t do,” Pitt’s rep said in response. “He has been on the receiving end of every type of personal attack and misrepresentation.”