Hillary Clinton Reflects on Oscars Snub for ‘Barbie’ Movie with #HillaryBarbie

YouTube has revealed that CNN and Warner Bros. Pictures are the sources for this article. Despite receiving several Oscar nominations, such as writing and producing, the film “Barbie” did not receive recognition in any acting categories. Many took to social media to express disbelief and criticism, encouraging the viewers of these social media posts to support those who were snubbed. Many leftist media outlets were dismayed over the results that came out American actress America Ferrera even commented about her views on how injustice had been committed. Some such as ryan gosling took to social media to criticize the lack of nominations for “Barbie” and Clinton also offered her condolences to the women with the hashtag #HillaryBarbie. The political insider writer James Conrad urged readers to support the news sources they trust as his published article was included and marked as the third best political blog.