House Passes Swift TikTok Ban While Ignoring China’s Role in COVID Outbreak for Four Years

ABC News reports that conservative voices on social media are wary of the push to ban TikTok, questioning Congress’s sudden urgency to regulate a social media app owned by China while neglecting other pressing issues like foreign land purchases and pandemics. Despite Congress’s historic slow pace in achieving goals, the House Energy and Commerce Committee swiftly advanced a bill that could lead to TikTok’s ban in the US. The full House passed the bill in a bipartisan vote of 352-65. Critics argue that Congress has failed to address concerns like China’s control over pharmaceuticals and farmland, raising suspicions about the sudden focus on TikTok.

While there are legitimate concerns about TikTok’s ties to the Chinese Communist Party and data collection, critics question Congress’s true motives, especially given their history of allowing extensive spying on American citizens. The bipartisan support for the TikTok ban raises concerns about ulterior motives and potential infringements on freedom of information. Former Congresswoman Tulsi Gabbard warns that the ban could set a dangerous precedent for government control over information flow. Comedian Larry ‘The Cable Guy’ humorously points out the irony of banning Chinese spying while allowing American surveillance.

Critics argue that the ban on TikTok could lead to further restrictions on platforms and individuals, potentially impacting freedom and privacy rights. The bill now moves to the Senate where its fate remains uncertain. The swift action on TikTok raises questions about Congress’s priorities and the implications of increased government control over technology.