Hunter Biden’s Knowledge of ‘Sugar Brother’ Buying His Paintings for Nearly $1 Million Violates White House Ethics Plan: Report

Hunter Biden’s New York art dealer testified that attorney Kevin Morris purchased nearly $1 million worth of artwork, revealing that Morris bought artworks for $875,000 in a January 2023 deal, and Hunter knew about it. Morris has been a significant support for Hunter, providing financial assistance and paying off a $2 million tax bill in 2023. The sale of Hunter’s paintings has raised questions about potential buyers seeking favor with the White House, leading to a White House ethics plan to conceal patrons’ identities. However, it has been revealed that Democratic donors were major buyers, with one being appointed to a prestigious commission after purchasing Hunter’s art. This has led to criticism of the White House for deceiving the public about the ethics agreement governing the sale of Hunter Biden’s art. The issue has sparked calls for the White House to explain the situation.